[Ads-l] "ambush marketing" -- not in OED; probably 1988--

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Fri Sep 9 21:04:42 EDT 2016

The practice by which a rival company attempts to associate its products with an event that already has official sponsors.

For 1982, snippet view from World's Fair - Volumes 2-8 - page 466.  Journal; probably an error, since the next quotation I find is 1988.

For 1988, Olympic Sponsorship vs. "ambush" Marketing: Who gets the gold?", by Dennis M. Sandler, David Shani.  New York, N.Y. : School of Business and Public Administration, Bernard M. Baruch College of the City University of New York, 1988.  (Citation from WorldCat; Google Books no preview)  There is also an article by the same title and authors in Journal of advertising research, v29 n4 (1989): 9-14.

Recently associated with charges against IOC member Patrick Hickey of Ireland, accused of "ticket scalping, conspiracy, and ambush marketing" (Boston Globe, today) in connection with the Rio Olympics.



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