[Ads-l] Request UGA library help: Modern Proverb: dance...vertical expressors of horizontal desires

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Sun Sep 11 15:28:35 EDT 2016

Dear Charlie,
  The following saying is not currently listed in the Dictionary of
Modern Proverbs, but it might fit in a future edition:

Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire.

The earliest known citation is dated 1962. Your library has a book
containing the third earliest citation (I think). Perhaps you could
coax a librarian to scan a few pages showing the adage and the

Year: 1968
Title: Talking About It Helps
Author: Anthony Nayman
Publisher: Hutchinson, London
Quote Page 97
Univ. Georgia Location: Shelved At Main Library 3rd floor
Univ. Georgia Call Number: PR6064 .A94 T3
Database: Google Snippet; Data may be inaccurate

[Begin excerpt]
'Are you taking me to the dance this weekend?' she asked.

She knew every corner and cupboard in that building. This time the
venue chosen for our cool sitting-out was a tiny committee room
unfrequented by vertical expressors of horizontal desires.
[End excerpt]

Thanks for any help you may provide, and have a great Fall semester.


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