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David Daniel dad at COARSECOURSES.COM
Tue Sep 13 05:56:48 EDT 2016

So, today's WOTD from Merriam-Webster is kibosh. They claim it's pronounced
KAHY-bosh, which freaked me out. So I checked Oxford - KAHY-bosh - and
Dictionary.com - KAHY-bosh - though they do acknowledge ki-BOSH also, which
is the point. I have said ki-BOSH all my life and have been racking my brain
to remember if I have ever heard anyone say KAHY-bosh in all my years. Nope,
can't think of a sole soul. Anyone out there say KAHY-bosh instead of
ki-BOSH? The rain put the KAHY-bosh on our picnic? No! The rain put the
ki-BOSH on our picnic. Yes?

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