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booty _Boody is the traditional spelling for the word booty_. The spelling
'booty' became the accepted spelling at 70's band KC and the Sunshine Band
had a popular hit called Shake Your Booty.
"Man, she's got a big boody"
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by JimmyCatfish June 22, 2006

Not when it agrees with me, anyway!

In fact, of course, it would be great to have a cite. But it's very
difficult to find a cite for a word unknown in the standard language and
that's also considered obscene in BE. I personally have found nothing older
than the record-titles "Boodie Green"/"Boo-Dee Green," dating only from
1950 and 1959, resp., IIRC.


My interpretation of the not-obvious spellings is that they are
euphemism-equivalents due to the word's perceived obscenity, as is also the
case with _sissy_ re-spelled as _cissy_ in the record-titles, "Cissy
Strut"/"Sophisticated Cissy," wherein its meaning is understood to be
"fag(got)," though neither record has any words.

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