[Ads-l] Amelioration of "notoriety"

Wilson Gray hwgray at GMAIL.COM
Fri Sep 23 20:04:31 EDT 2016

On Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 6:17 PM, Jonathan Lighter <wuxxmupp2000 at gmail.com>

> Or am I misusing the Thesaurus?

Not IMO, Jon. After all, you're unfortunately notorious/enjoying notoriety
yourself for still having to try to get Vol.III published long after the
second edition - or at least a supplement - should have appeared.

"Life sucks, and then you die," to coin a phrase.

Remember the good old days, when there were publishing houses like Mouton
that specialized in publishing scholarly work that other publishers
ignored? Otherwise, colorless green ideas might still be sleeping

All say, "How hard it is that we have to die!"---a strange complaint to
come from the mouths of people who have had to live.
-Mark Twain

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