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... to add to the [current] confusion, you'all still stick to letter and folio
sizes [as in England in 1700], while the rest of the world has sensibly moved on
to the A0-A6 fold-it-in-half-and-it's-exactly-half-size version of paper.

Not to speak of the old style/new style dating that's an issue at this point in
time, around 1700 ...  Fortunately, the Norris murder happened during the summer

Back to the Norris Murder.  It's like watching a slow-motion train-wreck -- it's
perfectly bloody obvious that the Dutch innkeeper and his wife were innocent,
and it's equally obvious, even without the benefit of
three-hundred-years-later-we-know-the-end-already hindsight, that they're going
to swing.

What is *really* unnerving is watching the Establishment Machine swing into
action to revise the narrative and ensure their conviction.  I used to admire
Elizabeth Mallet, who was a fairly feisty lady, and still do admire her deceased
husband David, but jeezus, in this case ... Talk about selling out.

All of which is why I screamed with delight when Flourish brought up the issue
of erasure (in its non-Derridan sense).

Justice for the Van Burghs! (even if it *is* 300 years too late)


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>     Apparently, that's not Empire-wide. When I was in grad school in the
> '70's, an Aussie classmate was sneeringly surprised to discover that, here in
> The World, one side of a sheet of paper is regarded as equal to one page, so
> that, e.g. a "25-page paper due over the weekend" consists of a mere 25
> *sides* and not of an actual 25 *pages* and is, therefore, nothing to worry
> about before Sunday night.
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