[Ads-l] Drama Critic Motto: Leave no turn unstoned

Mon Dec 4 15:37:49 EST 2017

The QI site has 8/29/1899. A slight antedating:

_Dallas Morning News_ 8/17/1899 p 6 col 5
" “Your experience in vaudeville, then, was not very pleasant?” Hi Tragerdy was saying. 
“No,” replied Lowe Comerdy; “at Oshkosh they threw rocks at each one of us as we came on for our acts.” 
“Pretty severe way of showing their disapproval.” 
“Yes; in their efforts to impress us with their utter disgust they left no turn unstoned.“-Standard and Catholic Times"

And an antedating of the Shaw connection:

Washington DC _Evening Star_ 2/16/1930 sec 2 p 2 col 5
"This broadcaster had occasion to invite G. Bernard Shaw to "take the air" over the Columbia Broadcasting System's transatlantic radio circuit.  The time available was a Sunday
Afternoon.  "G. B. S." sent back a characteristic refusal:  "I never take Sunday jobs" was his Coolidgesque reply.  Shaw's "The Apple Cart," a characteristic gibe at British politics, is one of London's box-office successes, despite hostile criticisms  at the time of its production.  "G. B. S.'s" definition of dramatic critics remains one of his most gorgeous gems -- "A dramatic critic is a man who leaves no turn unstoned." "

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