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Thanks, Bill. In the initial joke the hostile crowd is located in
Oshkosh, so I thought it was fun to have the "The Daily Northwestern"
of Oshkosh, Wisconsin as the first citation. Yet, it did acknowledge
the "Catholic Standard and Times" which seems to be based in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Now we have your excellent cite to a
newspaper in Dallas, Texas although it also points to the "Standard
and Catholic Times" (name permuted I guess).

The 1930 Shaw cite is a big advance.


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> The QI site has 8/29/1899. A slight antedating:
> _Dallas Morning News_ 8/17/1899 p 6 col 5
> " “Your experience in vaudeville, then, was not very pleasant?” Hi Tragerdy was saying.
> “No,” replied Lowe Comerdy; “at Oshkosh they threw rocks at each one of us as we came on for our acts.”
> “Pretty severe way of showing their disapproval.”
> “Yes; in their efforts to impress us with their utter disgust they left no turn unstoned.“-Standard and Catholic Times"
> And an antedating of the Shaw connection:
> Washington DC _Evening Star_ 2/16/1930 sec 2 p 2 col 5
> "This broadcaster had occasion to invite G. Bernard Shaw to "take the air" over the Columbia Broadcasting System's transatlantic radio circuit.  The time available was a Sunday
> Afternoon.  "G. B. S." sent back a characteristic refusal:  "I never take Sunday jobs" was his Coolidgesque reply.  Shaw's "The Apple Cart," a characteristic gibe at British politics, is one of London's box-office successes, despite hostile criticisms  at the time of its production.  "G. B. S.'s" definition of dramatic critics remains one of his most gorgeous gems -- "A dramatic critic is a man who leaves no turn unstoned." "
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