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In any endeavor, the result is a mix of skill and luck. 

According to famed poker player Annie Duke, “resulting” is when you “creat[e] too tight a relationship between the quality of the outcome and the quality of the decision”.

On resulter:

The problem is that we’re all resulters at heart. Think about the 2015 Super Bowl. The Seahawks are on the 1-yard line, they’re down by four, there’s 26 seconds left in the game, Pete Carroll has Russell Wilson throw and it’s intercepted. Do you remember what the headlines looked like the next day? “Worst play in Super Bowl history,” “What was he thinking?” “Idiot.” That kind of thing. But imagine it was caught—what do you think the headlines would have looked like then? The outcome was irrelevant to the decision quality. And just as a teaser, the decision quality was actually pretty brilliant.

http://nautil.us/issue/55/trust/the-resulting-fallacy-is-ruining-your-decisions <http://nautil.us/issue/55/trust/the-resulting-fallacy-is-ruining-your-decisions>
The Resulting Fallacy Is Ruining Your Decisions
by Stuart Firestein
7 December 2017

She doesn’t make the part of speech clear; my guess is that it’s a verb. I didn’t find any other hits for this meaning of “resulting” other than this citation, but Duke says it’s poker jargon.

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