[Ads-l] Heard on Springer: "I recognized him..."

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Tue Dec 19 01:01:36 EST 2017

I definitely prefer “one of my friend’s boyfriends” to “one of the boyfriends of my friend”. BB

> On 18 Dec 2017, at 21:48, Dave Hause <dwhause at CABLEMO.NET> wrote:
> A:  I have one friend who has several boyfriends
> vs.
> B:  I have several friends who each have a single boyfriend
> Dave Hause
> -----Original Message----- From: Wilson Gray Sent: Monday, December 18, 2017 11:41 AM To: ADS-L at LISTSERV.UGA.EDU Subject: Heard on Springer: "I recognized him..." 
> "as one of my friends's boyfriends"
> instead of
> "as the boyfriend of one of my friends"

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