[Ads-l] Nominations for the 2017 word of the year are now being accepted!

Wed Dec 20 18:53:35 EST 2017

I’ll start out with what seems to me to be the obvious choice:  #MeToo.  It already has its own Wikipedia article, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Me_Too_(hashtag).

John Baker

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Subject: Nominations for the 2017 word of the year are now being accepted!

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The American Dialect Society is now accepting 2017 word-of-the-year
nominations for the categories and criteria described below. Nominations
can be sent by email to woty at americandialect.org<mailto:woty at americandialect.org> or on Twitter to

Since 1990, the society has selected words of the year to highlight
language change, to bring a few aspects of the study of linguistics to the
public’s attention, and to have a little bit of fun. The lighthearted vote
is held each year the time of the society’s annual convention.

This year’s vote will be held at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City,

Read the full announcement and see the criteria:
https://americandialect.org/woty2017<https://americandialect.org/woty2017> .

It's the only WOTY vote that matters. 😇

Best wishes,

Grant Barrett
American Dialect Society
Vice President of Communications and Technology
grantbarrett at gmail.com<mailto:grantbarrett at gmail.com>

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