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"Dookie" was the name of a 1992 or 1993 album by Green Day. The album 
cover artwork makes it clear that "shit" is indeed the intended meaning 
of "dookie".

On 12/20/2017 8:17 PM, Wilson Gray wrote:
> Forty-ish black man from Cincinnatee - of which the great Gerald Norman
> Springer, renowned reality-TV personality, was once the mayor - asks his
> stuff:
> "How long we been _joogin'_?
> I.e. "How long we been fuckin'?" It got past the censor unbleeped, of
> course. Like _dookie_, some years ago, _joog_ is commonly used in Marshall,
> Texas, replacing _fuck_, just as _dookie_ replaces _shit_. Since I haven't
> been in Marshall since 1955, those verbal Presents may need to be Pasts. As
> is the case with _dookie_, Marshall is the only place that I've ever heard
> anyone use the word, before today.
> _Joog_, with the _oo_ of "book," is treated in HDAS under _juke_ and is
> cited in Green's under _joog_.
> Since both of these words are common enough to show up in dictionaries,
> it's weird that I've heard them used only in what was once the
> fourth-largest city in Texas, but is now just an East Texas backwater.
> Thirty-ish black woman threatens another one, both from Cincinnatee and
> fighting over the man cited above:
> "If I catch you on the corner, I'm gon' _tap that ass_!"
> This, too, glided easily past the censors, of course. This is only the
> second time that I've heard the canonical version - i.e. _tap *that* ass_,
> instead of _tap ass_ - on TV. But it's the first time that I've heard it
> reanalyzed as a version of _*kick* that ass_ -  instead of being misused as
> a euphemism for _fuck_, not even as strong as _screw_. As I've mentioned,
> there was a time when, if anything, _fuck_ was a euphemism for _tap that
> ass_. But, since it's leapt the color bar, all the color has been drained
> out of it

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