[Ads-l] Quote: If You Steal From One Author, It ’s Plagiarism; If You Steal From Many, It’ =?UTF-8?Q?s_?=Research

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Wed Dec 27 15:14:03 EST 2017

The saying in the subject line has been discussed on this mailing list
and explored on the Quote Investigator website. Now the QI entry must
be updated.

Quotation expert Nigel Rees and I discussed the saying after he
mentioned it in his newsletter in October. He shared with me a
valuable Google Books match in a periodical called "The Cypress Knee",
and I shared a GB match in the "California District News Letter".

It would be very helpful to verify the details of these citations with
hardcopy. Perhaps a list member can help. If you can help please let
me know off-list.

Year: Circa 1929
Periodical: California District News Letter
Volumes: 10-11
GB Page 34
Publisher: United States. Forest Service. California Region
Database Google Books Snippet; text is not visible in snippet; search
for "1929" indicates that volume contains issues from 1929; searching
for 1930 suggests that it will occur in the future


[Begin nearly-raw excerpt; contains OCR errors; text not visible in snippet]
WHAT IS RESEARCH? To Prof. Notestein of the Yale faculty is attributed
the following definition for research: "If you copy from one book,
that's plagiarism; if you copy from many books, that's research." I?
[End excerpt]

Here is some metadata and a link for the other interesting match.

Year: Circa 1929
Periodical: The 1929 Cypress Knee (or The 1930 Cypress Knee); The
Forestry Club Annual
Quote Page 65, Column 1
Publisher: University of Georgia. College of Agriculture. Forest Club


[Begin extracted text]
We heard this definition of research:
"If you copy from one book, that's plagiarism: if you copy from many
books, that's research."
[End extracted text]


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