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"see/seen the elephant"

OED has [1835], 1844

New Orleans LA _Times-Picayune_ 26 Jun 1842 p 2 col 4

"There is an expression in very common use in Texas -- "Ive [sic] seen 
the Elephant." . . .  When a man is disappointed in any thing he 
undertakes, when he has seen enough, when he gets sick and tired of any 
job he may have set himself about, he has "seen the elephant." "

"elephant walk" -- not in OED.

A line up of multiple military aircraft, typically of the same type, on 
the runway in preparation to take off and perform a strike or other mission.




_Airman_  Apr 1970 p. 44 col 2

"ELEPHANT WALK . . . is the nickname given this "chorus line" of C-123 
Providers as the 12-ship formation waltzes down the runway at Bien Hoa AB."

Jackson MS _Northside Sun_ 16 Oct 1980 p 4 col 1

"It looked like an elephant walk, seeing a line of giant planes, perhaps 
a half mile long waiting to take off."

Alexandria LA _Town Talk_ 30 Mar 1991 p 1 col 2

"Then, Sawyer led the 26 airplanes in an "elephant walk" to their 
parking spaces."

_Air Force Magazine_ Jan 2009 p 61 col 2

"The choreography of the massive launch—dubbed the “Elephant Walk”—was 
handled by “Charlie Tower,” located between the approach ends of the 
runway and manned by experienced old hands who solved problems as they 

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