[Ads-l] Media Inquiry (Mike Pence calling his wife "Mother")

W Brewer brewerwa at GMAIL.COM
Sat Feb 4 12:18:51 EST 2017

In my lx class, when modes of address came up, I discussed my own
experience. After the kids were born, in their presence my wife referred to
& addressed me as "Daddy"; and I did the same with "Mommy". (This was what
my parents had done with us children.)  When one parent is absent, "Mother"
or "Father" could be used, especially to indicate irritation:  "Go ask your
father!" "Where is your mother?"  (I tell my wife & kids to call me "Dr
Brewer". Haha, very funny. I don't get no respect.)
     It seems some students found the Mommy/Daddy thing to be weird, and
the topic once became a shouting match. But, my wife started it. My feeling
is that she wants the maternal status to be precious & of prime importance.
     My parents are another story: Matriarchy, patriarchy galore.

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