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> (classically, from a faggy guy to a straight guy), which I had back to
> 1976.  the history of the quote isn't really the point of that posting, but
> i did wonder if anyone had tracked the sentiment (which comes in a number
> of variants) back in time.

In the 1976 neo-blaxploitation movie, _Car Wash_ Antonio Fargas, as the
flaming faggot, Lindy, in response to bullying by, IIRC, Bill Duke, as the
black nationalist, Duane (Call me "Abdullah!), says, approx.:

"I'm more man than you will ever be and more woman than you will ever get!"
[SNAP!!! (Fargas doesn't _say_ "Snap!" Rather, after fronting Duke off, he
disdainfully squares Duke off by literally snapping his fingers in Duke's

That's the first time that I've heard the expression. Since then, I've
heard a few random, fucked-up attempts at it that I haven't bothered to
remember, on TV, at the level of "Don't let the door hit you on the way

All say, "How hard it is that we have to die!"---a strange complaint to
come from the mouths of people who have had to live.
-Mark Twain

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