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Merriam-Webster: 2008

Word Spy: 2001


Here's 1996 antedatings of both verb and noun, all from the
bit.listserv.superguy Usenet group of the Superguy creative fiction
writing group. "Facepalm" was often used in these stories at this

facepalm, v.

1996 May 15, Robertson, Jon, “SG: Remains #2 (2/2)”:

  Christie blinked, then *looked* at Steven. "Do you have any idea
what might be different?"
     "Um...  No?"
     Christie facepalmed.  "Well, her hair was red this morning,
right?  It's blonde now.  You figure it out."

1996 May 21, Taylor, Jesse Brian, “SG: Tornado Knights #10 (2/2)”:

     "Yay! I know you! You're Nicholas Lee, the detective who got fired
'cos of us!" Nina exclaimed happily.
     Lee facepalmed. "Arrgh..."
     "Nina..." Tris muttered. "Let's quit while we're ahead, okay?"

facepalm, n.

1996 June 6, Borden, Amy, “SG: Slackers Anonymous #14”:

        [Cue:  William Tell Overture]
        [sound of Frank Zappa's "San Ber'dino" being played on Japanese
        [Kevin (the Muse): "Wargh!  It SAID _William Tell!"]
        [Cantata11 (walking up with a koto): "Oof.  Sorry.  It's just that the
girls had gotten warmed up to the other thingy..."]
        [Kevin:  "William _Tell_, 11." (facepalm)]

1996 August 6, General Chaos, “SG: Slackers Anonymous #16 -- "Experienced?"”:

        "Do you think Carl Sagan might be available?"
        There was a mass-facepalm.
        "No." they chorused.

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