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> poindexters

I remember my first, or nearly first, encounter with "poindexter" was in
some children's board game that was aimed at my age level at the time.
IIRC, girl players (or those playing girls, I suppose) would try to get a
date with a boy (card). There were four boy characters: three with "regular
guy names" and appearances, and Poindexter, a nerd with glasses. I don't
think there was anything explicitly worse about getting him as a date, but
the implications in his name and appearance were obvious. I never liked that

In looking for "Poindexter" I came across this delicious little cartoon
linked on Mental Floss, on the page Why Are Smart People Referred to as

Felix the Cat (1959) Master Cylinder - King of the Moon
(YouTube, 7:25)


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