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OED: 1969

This first one is a footnote reference in a 1965 report to a 1964
memo. I don't think the memo survives.

The second is a more detailed 1966 memo, following on from the 1994 memo.

1965 January 15, Dennis, J. B., “Computer Research”, in MIT Research
Laboratory of Electronics Quarterly Progress Report, no. 76, page 360:

6. Memorandum PDP-23, ID Invisible Debugger, August 20, 1964.

1966 May 20, Electrical Engineering Department, MIT, “ID”, in PDP-23-1, page 1:

Invisible Debugger, commonly referred to as ID, a utility program in
the PDP-1 time sharing system written to aid in the debugging of other
programs. An advanced ID has been written (April, 1966) to allow all
operations to be carried out either directly on drum fields or on
running cores.

Links can be found via https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/debugger#Noun


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