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Heard "the whole _ten_ yards," day before yesterday, on the Hot Bench judge
show. An ex-wife is suing her ex for blowing up their son’s budding career
as a college football-player. Junior had been offered room, board, tuition,

"The whole _ten_ yards!"

Prolly just a brainfart. But cf.

The Hollywood Reporter Wilkerson Daily Corporation - Page 33
The Whole Ten Yards [Action/Comedy]
[Start December 2, 2002]


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> An additional one from the South, this one using Newspapes.com
> 15 December 1927  _The Houston Herald_ Houston MO.  6/1
> Rumo(r? letter is blurry-ed.)says Lon Lay gets more letters than anyone on
> the line.  How about it, Lon?  Some say "daisies won't tell;" We say
> daisies will tell.  We heard the whole six yards--where did you lose your
> letter?
> Sam Clements
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