[Ads-l] Third earliest known use of copasetic (1920)

Stephen Goranson goranson at DUKE.EDU
Sat Feb 25 12:39:30 EST 2017

After the 1919 uses of copasetic (invented, imo) by Irving Bacheller and the 1920 use of copasetic (evidently spurred by Bacheller's novel about Lincoln in Illinois) in the Chicago Tribune, the third known use (known to me; correct me if it's not the third so-far known), thanks to GDoS (though listed as 1921 there), is in 1920 in a song, "The New Jump Steady Ball," written by Tom Delaney and Sidney Easton, sheet music published in 1920, and sung by Ethel Waters, recorded on March 22, 1921.

Please note that the spelling, copasetic, matches the 1919 and Chicago 1920 spellings.

"Copasetic was the password for one and all at the New Jump Steady Ball." ("Chicago pop," champagne, also gets a mention.)

Sheet music:




Ethel Waters first recording:



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