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Big Oils: To me, Big Oil refers to the major players in the industry, which
may or may not be public companies. Big Oils is a shorthand way of saying
"big oil stocks", which only refers to public companies.

The same distinction can be made about Big Pharma v Big Drugs, Big Food v
Big Foods, etc.

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> Heard in the last couple of days:
> 1.  "Ivanka Trunk" --- is there a name for this type of phonetic mistake?
> 2.  a Nissan ad referred to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety
> Administration" as /'nit s@/
> 3.  we're used to the large petroleum companies being referred to
> collectively as "Big Oil" but plural?
> "Chevron Equity Shares Are The Oiliest Among The Big Oils"
> http://seekingalpha.com/article/4049363-chevron-
> equity-shares-oiliest-among-big-oils?ifp=0
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