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>> "far head"
> Sounds like the old St. Louis speech-island pronunciation of my lost youth.
> Where are you from?

Born and raised in Boonton, NJ. (Morris County, northern NJ)

Father from Kansas City and Chicago.
Mother raised in East Orange, NJ. 

(Since then, I've lived in Memphis and surrounding towns in Tennessee and Mississippi, Little Rock, AR, Fort Smith, AR, Los Angeles, CA area and now NW Wyoming.)

It's interesting to know that other people said it that way. Sometimes just one person in one's life may have said it wrong from say a hearing deficit, or sounding it out in their head, and it passes on to their offspring, but apparently it's a rare but historically correct alternate pronunciation. I'd love to hear where you were raised if you used that pronunciation. This stuff fascinates me. 
> I still use the probably-obsolete "forrid" that I learned as a child,
> ca.1940.

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