[Ads-l] Could "check-ed" = r-less "checkered"?

Neal Whitman nwhitman at AMERITECH.NET
Tue Jan 3 23:43:14 EST 2017

I didn't save Wilson's earlier message on the subject, and don't have 
time to search for it here, but a thought occurred to me:

To his previously noted pronunciation of "striped" with two syllables, 
he added a two-syllable pronunciation of "checked". Just this morning, 
my dad talked about getting his "stripe-ed" sweatshirt, so I told him 
about Wilson's comments, and he wondered if maybe what Wilson might 
actually have heard was an r-less "checkERed", which (I now speculate) 
he then assimilated to a small pattern of cloth patterns plus a 
separately pronounced "-ed". Wilson, thoughts?


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