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Rebecca Newberger Goldstein's satirical novel _36 Arguments for the
Existence of God_ (2010) helpfully includes a sixty-page appendix itemizing
all *36* arguments with a brief analysis of the logical flaws of each. This
is well worth consulting. (The least seriously flawed may be No. 30, The
Argument from Mathematical Reality.)

Am sorry to admit that I never finished reading the novel itself, but its
satire of graduate school and intellectual pretensions was not quite savage
enough for my taste.


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> During my rash and impulsive college years, I took a course in the
> philosophy of religion, and was introduced to the 7 reasons to believe in
> god, which I found sufficiently unpersuasive that I have been an atheist
> ever since.  Some years later, Little Richard formulated the 8th reason.
> 'If there is no God, then who gave me all of my talent?"
> Hard to say, I must admit.
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