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MSNBC chyron on _Morning Joe_:

"Will Trump's Polling Sink If He Keeps Up Bully Pulpit?"


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> "bully" still survives (sort of) in its original sense in the frozen
> expression "Bully for you!" Otherwise, my intuition is that nobody who was
> born after about 1899 says "bully" in the sense 'great' or 'powerful';
> those people are not linguistically influential. Therefore, it is not
> surprising that most people interpret "bully pulpit" as a noun-noun
> construction. Most people are not "confused," they just speak 21st Century
> American English. Or so historical linguistics teacheth.
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> JLighter wrote [snipped]:
> > But others thought it ["bully pulpit"] meant that the Prez has power to
> bully just about
> > anyone into doing almost anything he says ...
> >
> > The confusion is apparently so frequent that Wackipedia has a note ...
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