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Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Fri Jan 20 16:53:57 EST 2017

> On Jan 20, 2017, at 4:20 PM, Shapiro, Fred <fred.shapiro at YALE.EDU> wrote:
> I apologize in advance for the silly query I am about to pose (but I think there are people on this list who have gone a lot further into silliness than I have!).
> I would welcome any suggestions as to which are the most famous or the most memorable lines from Adam Sandler's song "The Chanukah Song."
> Fred Shapiro

I always liked the fractional quotients:

Paul Newman's half Jewish, Goldie Hawn's half too
Put them together, what a fine-looking Jew
We got Ann Landers and her sister Dear Abby
Harrison Ford's a quarter Jewish--not too shabby


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