[Ads-l] a tip of the Hatlo Hat to Fred Shapiro

George Thompson george.thompson at NYU.EDU
Mon Jan 23 19:52:11 EST 2017

(Even though the YBQ doesn't have the Hatlo Hat.)

I recalled reading, many years ago, that Lyndon Johnson had said that he
never trusted a man unless he had his pecker in his pocket.  Of course,
newspapers which limit themselves to the news that fit to print won't have
reported on this, but still, I wanted to confirm it.  So He Who Still Looks
Stuff Up in Books looked it up in YBQ, and there it was.  Not quite as I
remembered it, but still. . . .

Some of you may suppose that this quotation was put in my mind by the
obsequious admiration for the head of a rival country, on the part of a
certain dunghill toadstool recently sprung to prominence in the public life
of a former British colony.  Though . . . surely it must have an
explanation. . . .
Anyway,  I am in no way thinking of this person.

Here, by the way, we have a portrait of a dunghill toadstool
​You can see the resemblance.

George A. Thompson
The Guy Who Still Looks Stuff Up in Books.
Author of A Documentary History of "The African Theatre", Northwestern
Univ. Pr., 1998.

But when aroused at the Trump of Doom / Ye shall start, bold kings, from
your lowly tomb. . . .
L. H. Sigourney, "Burial of Mazeen", Poems.  Boston, 1827, p. 112

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