[Ads-l] Popular faux etymology of current use of "snowflake"

Bonnie Taylor-Blake b.taylorblake at GMAIL.COM
Thu Jan 26 08:43:35 EST 2017

Here's a nice piece on the true origin of "snowflake" (a pejorative for
overly sensitive, progressives, etc.),


Comments and work by Jonathon Green, Ben Yagoda, and Emily Brewster are
featured in this article.

But note a persistent, pernicious faux origin story that's popular on
Twitter (and elsewhere, I'm sure).  For example, see


The text reads:


When trumps supporters call u snowflake this is what they mean!

Concentration camp victims were called "snowflakes" by the Nazis,
referencing ashes falling from crematorium chimneys.


I became aware of this bit of etymythology a few days ago.  Dan Evon of
snopes.com has since written up an analysis of this alternate fact.


-- Bonnie

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