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Tue Jun 6 19:55:06 EDT 2017

Laurence Horn wrote:
> “Philosofy”?  Sounds like half-hearted spelling reform!  (Or maybe it
> was intentional, allowing for it to be interpretable as either ‘love of
> wisdom’ or ‘love of sofas’.)

Ben pointed to an article by Erin McKean that listed several of the
alternative spellings.

Newspaper: Washington Post
Article: After the spelling bee, imagining a world without standardized spelling
Author: Erin McKean
Date: June 3, 2011

[Begin excerpt]
For more than 40 years, the Chicago Tribune advocated the simplified
spelling of words such as “hemloc,” “iland,” “tarif,” “rime,”
“philosofy,” “photograf” and “burocrat.” Some were dropped, but the
spellings “thru” and “tho” were used until the mid-1970s.
[End excerpt]


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