[Ads-l] Heard on Forensic Files: _to pimp_ "josh, kid, tease, " etc.

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Fri Jun 16 17:00:06 EDT 2017

Female Fort Collins, Colorado, police detective describing her reaction to
a phone-call from the police fingerprint-examiner:

"She said, 'I've found him! I've found a match!' I said, 'No! You're
_pimping_ me! You're _pimping_ me.' She said, 'I'm *not* _pimping_ you!
We've *got* him!'"

The examiner had eyeballed - this was back in the day - tens of thousands
of fingerprints over the course of six years, before finding the match.

Miscellany.The perp's name was "Thames," pronounced [TEImz]. Back in StL, I
knew a black family with the same surname, "Thames." They pronounced it
[tImz]. A quick Googling shows that any resemblance to the surname,
"Timms," is purely an artifact of this pronunciation.
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