[Ads-l] _Data archaeologist_, slight semantic extension

Wilson Gray hwgray at GMAIL.COM
Wed Jun 21 19:55:12 EDT 2017

Ripped off from World Wide Word:

"The data archaeologist is a specialist in computer forensics who recovers
historical data from old sources that have become progressively less
accessible and translates them into a form which is usable."

Cf. http://www.worldwidewords.org/turnsofphrase/tp-dat1.htm

In an email ad from MacUpdate.com:

"File Juicer is a _data archaeologist_, [data archaeology is] known in
computer forensics as "[data-/file-]carving," _an_ easy to use
(drag-and-drop) _app_."

That is, a "data archaeologist" is an app used in data archaeology, as well
as a person who does data archaeology.

File-carving - Wikipedia
"File-carving is the process of reassembling computer files from fragments
in the absence of file-system metadata. ... When a file is deleted, only
the entry in the file system metadata is removed, while the actual data is
still on the disk. After a format and even after a repartitioning, it might
be that most of the raw data is untouched and can be recovered using

Data-Carving - Forensic Explorer
File-carving is a well known computer forensics term used to describe the
identification and extraction of file types from unallocated clusters by
using file signatures.

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