[Ads-l] Speaking of politically inspired lexicographic shifts

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Wed Mar 8 16:13:06 EST 2017

JL:  << I believe the implication of "peacefully" is also significant.  Are
Germanic invaders of fifth-century Britain routinely called "immigrants"? >>
​WB:  One man's ​Völkerwanderung is another man's Barbarian Invasion.
Wp: << The Migration Period was a time of widespread migrations within or
into Europe in the middle of the first millennium AD. It has also been
termed the Völkerwanderung ... and, from the Roman and Southern European
perspective the Barbarian Invasions. Many of the migrations were movements
of Germanic, Slavic, and other peoples into the territory of the then Roman
Empire, with or without accompanying invasions or war. >>
     It's all about Darwinism.

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