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... or a variant of Faugh! -- see GDoS:

faugh! excl.
also faw! figh! fogh! foh! fough! fugh! fuh! hough! paugh! pho(h)! phooh! pough!
pugh! wagh!
[early uses are no more than aggressive throat-clearing, but later uses (perhaps
mid-19C+) seem likely to be a euph. for fuck! excl.]
an excl. of dismissal, derision, anger or surprise.
c.1597 [UK] Shakespeare Merry Wives of Windsor I iii: ‘Steal!’ foh! a fico for
the phrase!

(I see that the OED entry for WAUGH (Intransitive) [from a1766] that you note
scouts the possibility of a faugh/waugh transition, but the GDoS entry makes
sense to me.)

The original quotation was from Paul Waugh, one of the Huffington Post [UK]
editors -- I came on the Unfortunately Overqualified Adverb earlier today via a
newsletter of his that I'm subscribed to, so I'm not sure if it's present
anywhere on the actual site.  URL for The Man Himself is: 


It was a comment on his grammatical infelicity -- copying the post to ADS-l was
intended to rub salt in the wound.

(To be fair, I usually find his writing style quite acceptable, nicely light in
tone with some solid Brit-Political background, why I'm subscribed to his

Back to chasing variants between the various editions of Hotton's _Slang
Dictionary_ between 1859 and 1873 ...


[He -- Paul Waugh -- is possibly part of the Evelyn/Auberon Clan -- no doubt
Wiki would Reveal All, but I'm too lazy to look at this moment.  R.]

>     Is that quotation from Alec, Evelyn, Auberon, Alexander, or Daisy?
>     Or did you mean lower case, as in "waugh adj.", 'Tasteless, insipid;
> unpleasant to the smell or taste, sickly; faint, weak, etc.', or "waugh,
> int.", 'An exclamation indicating grief, indignation or the like'?
>     Joel
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>     "... the Tory Right is much more better at organising a rebellion than the
> Tory
>     Left ..."
>     If it's true that the more goods, the better, shouldn't this have read,
> "the
>     Tory Right is much more betterer at organising a rebellion than the Tory
> Left"?
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