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Here's the letter I just sent to a magazine that's part of the *Daily
Pennsylvanian*, a newspaper of the campus of the University of Pennsylvania
in Philadelphia, where I live. I've edited it somewhat for clarity. The
article referred to is about the fire that destroyed a restaurant, Café
Renata, just two years ago, and how the local business community pitched in
to help the owners recover and start a new restaurant, Renata's Kitchen,
not far away.

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I finally found the January 19 issue of *34th Street* under all the junk in
my room and read the article I was keeping it for: the cover story,
"Renata's Rebirth". I had two reasons. The first is that I live close to
Renata's Kitchen and eat there, or buy to go, several times each week. Kate
and Yasser *[the couple who run the place]* are very fine folks, and I'm
proud to call them my friends.

The second reason is the title. I'm a linguist, retired from Penn, and that
title struck me the moment I saw it. Was it just serendipity, or did you or
David Murrell *[author of the article]* know that the name Renata is Latin
for "reborn"? What a smashing cover story title! A shame only maybe one
percent or fewer of those who saw it would know.

Mark Mandel

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