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Well. Who do you mean "we"...? If by "we" you refer to the fictional characters including the narrator, well, yes, maybe, to some, but only some,  extent. But of the author, I don't think so. If one reads, beyond a snippet, pages 286 and 287* one may find that  the words copasetic and coralapus are quite closely linked. Does anyone doubt that coralapus appears here and nowhere else (except reprints and maybe commentary quoting this book) in the twentieth century and before?

Of coralapus (p. 286, my bold):

"...of its general significance, as it fell from her lips, there could be no doubt in any but the most obtuse intellect. For her it had a large and noble, although a rather indefinite meaning, entirely favorable to the person or object to which it was applied."

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>  In the purported original, it "signified an unusual depth of meaning,"
so it did not yet have the modern meaning.

My lexico-spidey sense tells me that this may be no more than coy humor
meaning, "We don't know what the heck it means or where it comes from."


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