[Ads-l] When is a hapax not a hapax?

Wilson Gray hwgray at GMAIL.COM
Sat Mar 18 17:38:25 EDT 2017

In fact, the hapax _is_ a hapax. Well, AFAIK, at least.

[The 1955 recording of] “April in Paris” was one of the biggest hits by
Basie’s New Testament band - so big that he got tired of answering requests
for it, just as Thad Jones got tired of repeating the “Pop goes the weasel”
quote [What a coinkidink!] in his solo. The trick ending and Basie drily
ordering “One more time!” and “_One more once!_” were what made it popular.


To the best of my knowledge, Basie's spontaneous “One more once!” revision
of "One more time!" gained no traction whatsoever as a slang-term amongst
the real soul-brothers, despite the fact that this rendition of the song
may have been the biggest hit that the Count ever had.

However, Saint Louis is a speech-island in more ways than one. The slang
expression, [,w^m.mo 'gin] - i.e. "one more gain," based on a
pswaydo-"correction" of "*one more a gain - had long since replaced "one
more time" as a hip catch-phrase amongst The Lou's boyz n the 'hood, during
the early '50's.

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