[Ads-l] For want of an apostrophe ... [correction to the OED]

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> Subject: For want of an apostrophe ... [correction to the OED]
> Not quite a hanging matter, but the absence of an apostrophe causes the OED to
> provide a false citation for MOB, n1, "†2. A loose informal garment for a woman;
> = dishabille n. 2. Also mob-dress. Obs."
> The problem with this entry is the first citation.  This reads, as the OED gives
> it:
> "1665 R. Head Eng. Rogue I. sig. F5v, Their Mobs, Scarfs, and Hoods all rent."

There's a style of historical cap called a "mob cap". "Mob" here makes 
sense to me not as a garment but as a cap: The list would then be all 

---Amy West

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