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... only by one year (the OED has its first citation from 1664) but interesting

"_Wand.-wh._ Marry I have us’d that Trade ever since I came into the teene’s,
and I shall willingly serve you so."

                           -- _Wandring-Whores Complaint for Want of Trading_
(1663), p. 1.

Robin Hamilton


Full WorldCat details:

Wandring-Whores Complaint for Want of Trading: Wherein the Cabinet of Her
Iniquity Is Unlockt and All Her Secrets Laid Open ... : Also a Full Discovery of
the Whole Trade of Pads Pimps, Cheats, Trappans, Hectors ... and All Other
Artists, Who Are, and Ha. S.L.: Printed by J. Iones, 1663.

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