[Ads-l] Dueling dialects

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Thu May 18 00:31:05 EDT 2017

<vulpe:s ~ volpe:s ~ uulp- ~ uolp-> feminine:  Mixed i-stems have -i:s or
-e:s in the accusative plural; in fact, masculine & feminine i-stems in
general regularly take <-i:s> in the accusative plural  (Allen & Greenough,
p.80.71 & 81.74c.  "This guy & his fellow vulpis ...": the author
mistakenly uses an acc. pl. <vulpi:s>, instead of an expected nom. pl.
<vulpe:s>. His dissertation would never have passed scrutiny in the Old
     But, perhaps most egregiously, the author thinks that Vulpe:s vulpe:s
roost like chickens. (OTOH, maybe they do, zo├Âlogical behaviourism not
being my pidgin.)

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