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hunyak / honyock(er)

Wed Feb 18, 2004 5:34 pm

>From the OED.

hunyak (_______). U.S. Also honyock, -er.
[f. Hungarian a. and n. after Polack.]
= hunk n.3 (See also quot. 1941.)
Only in disparaging use.
1911 W. P. Dillingham Dict. Races 92 Magyar, Hungarrian Hun, or Hunyak in popular language.
1919 S. Lewis Free Air (1924) ix. 94, I could buy out half these Honyockers!
1938 ‘E. Queen’ Four of Hearts (1939) 17 Tossing away the stockholders’ dough like a hunyak on Saturday night.
1941 Sat. Even. Post 7 June 29/1 ‘Honyocks’, the Yankee neighbors called them [sc. immigrants from Central Europe]. ‘Honyocker’ came to be..generally applied to any farmer who tries to raise grain and livestock in the high prairies of the Northwest.
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Or  hunyack, honyak, honyocker, huniak, hunyok, honyok, hunyak

My boyfriend called someone up the street a honyocker.  Wikipedia has a coup=
le theories on its origin. Do any of you have insight you can share?

I just found it peculiar.

~Shawnee Moon=20

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