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> Perhaps you've observed that the OED def. is, shall we say, very discreet.
> About as discreet as the version now used by Starbucks. Apparently, they
> had no idea at all what that image was a symbol of. There are also
> continental variants. I came across it first in the journal,_Via Domitia_,
> noted as a former or a current feature of the exterior and the interior -
> on finials of pews, etc. - of churches in the Midi.
> The original version used by Starbucks is below, if the system permits it
> to pass.
> http://idsgn.org/posts/starbucks-reveals-new-logo-drops-wordmark/
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I don't get it: the Starbucks logo is a mermaid (or as later identified 
a siren). A sheelanagig is a very different thing: a grotesque squatting 
female form with a toothed vulva.

Yeah, I'd say that the OED def leaves out all the differentia that you 
would use to identify a sheelanagig. It's discreet to the point of being 

---Amy West

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