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Brian Hitchcock brianhi at SKECHERS.COM
Tue May 30 18:28:52 EDT 2017

The question that occurs to me is this:  What shall I call my old-fashioned wallet that I keep actual paper money and cards in?  
It seems a retronym is (or will soon be) needed, because the unmodified term "wallet" is now often construed as one of the newer kinds under discussion here.

- At first I thought of "physical wallet", but of course the "paper wallet" is also "physical", as is a "hardware wallet".
- You could call it a "non-digital wallet", but that seems a bit contrived; it might not catch on.  
- There is "billfold", but my understanding is that not all wallets are billfolds (and that "billfold" is rare--- and especially rare in BrE, apparently because paper money is not called "bills" in Great Britain.)
- "Leather wallet" would not be totally accurate, though most are either real or imitation leather. 
- "Money wallet" or "cash wallet" might work. 

Have you seen instances of these or other retronyms for the traditional wallet?

Perhaps by the time a retronym becomes standardized, we will have done away with currency (and debit/credit cards) altogether.   
I hope not to live to see that day.  I can get along fine without cards, but I do love me some cash.

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