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What a coinkidink!

>From an on-line petition:

We call upon Aloha _Poke_ Company, LLC to “cease and desist” from the use
of the words “Aloha”, “Aloha _Poke_” and “_Poke_" from all current and
future businesses. We understand that this will come at some cost to you,
but we think that cost to a multi-million dollar company is comparable to
the cost that you have asked these small families to suffer when you have
demanded they remove theirs.

Mahalo nui loa, (not copywrited, still not yours to have)

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> See here for background:
> https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/food/wp/2018/07/30/a-midwestern-chain-told-hawaiians-to-stop-using-aloha-with-poke-igniting-a-heated-debate/?utm_term=.1d71b88c53c9
> OED doesn't seem to have this sense of "poke".
> _Honolulu Star-Bulletin_ 22 Sep 1956 p 10 col 2
> "The menu of the five-hour feast included: kalua pig fresh from the imu,
> lomilomi salmon, lehua poi, aku lawalu (tuna dried and baked in imu with
> the pig), aku poke ia (raw fish), opihis (pickled raw mussles), chicken
> long rice, limu (seaweed), kulolo (taro and coconut pudding baked in the
> imu), and haupia (coconut milk pudding)."
> _Honolulu Star-Bulletin_ 21 Mar 1979 p E-2 col 4 [display adv]
> "TAKO POKE .... lb. 3.98"
> _Los Angeles Times_20 Jul 1995 p H14 col 6
> "The Fourth Annual Sam Choy Aloha Poke Recipe Contest is under way this
> month."
> _Honolulu Weekly_ 17 Jul 1996 p 23 col 2
> "This meal also includes items from the buffet: poke (of tombo ahi in this
> case), fried chicken drummettes, potato salad with tobiko (quite good,
> actually) and tasty nishime (simmered carrots, bamboo shoots and dasheen
> with bits of chicken.)"
> [note usage of "drummette", which OED also lacks]
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