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technics ...

 *2.* Chiefly *U.S.**a.* Technical details or methods collectively; the
formal or practical aspect of an art, science, or subject; (also) practical
skill in the application of this. Now *rare*. Largely superseded by

 *b.* A technical method; a scientific procedure.Largely superseded by
*technique*.   1905 ....

4. *a.* The branch of knowledge dealing with the mechanical arts and
applied sciences; the study of this. 1787....
 *b.* The application of such knowledge for practical purposes, esp. in
industry, manufacturing, etc.; the sphere of activity concerned with this;
the mechanical arts and applied sciences collectively.
Frequently with modifying word, as *alternative technology*, *applied
technology*, *food technology*, *information technology*, *space technology*:
see the first element. 1829....
*c.* The product of such application; technological knowledge or know-how;
a technological process, method, or technique. Also: machinery, equipment,
etc., developed from the practical application of scientific and technical
knowledge; an example of this. Also in extended use. 1898....
*5.* A particular practical or industrial art; a branch of the mechanical
arts or applied sciences; a technological discipline. 1858....

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> Can anyone with access to the OED tell me what it says about "technics" as
> opposed to "technology."
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