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> Sign carried by Anarchists yesterday:
> "Bash the fash."

Wiktionary is on the case.


fash (plural fash)

1. (slang, especially in Britain) A fascist, a member of the far-right.

1945, Information Bulletin ..., volume 5 (issues 66-131):
The Butchers Here is an old Munich policeman -- Wilhelm Frick with eyes
like those of a fash.
2017, Katessa Harkey, The Peace of the Hall: Rules of Engagement for the
New Witch Wars, page 90:
It is not they, with their comfortable middle class speaking-tour and
festival-circuit lives, who will put on the black and go punch a Nazi or
bash a fash. No. It will be the vulnerable, overwhelmingly queer, poor
youth [...]

2. (slang, plural, especially in Britain) The far-right, especially violent
far-right demonstrators, collectively.

1996, Ajay Close, Official and doubtful, Random House (UK)
Used to go down to London on bash-the-fash awaydays; turn up at National
Front marches and give them a toeing.
2012, Dan Todd, One Man's Revolution, Andrews UK Limited
Five of our lads had just watched the riot police go into the Wellington
and give the fash a kicking.
2012, Dave Hann, Physical Resistance: A Hundred Years of Anti-Fascism, John
Hunt Publishing
The women in NP at the time were very good spotters and we had good access
to intel, photos etc. on the fash.

See also the "fashy" haircut:



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