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Charlie Doyle and Wolfgang Mieder have a great entry on a closely
related proverb. Below is a truncated excerpt.

I've received multiple requests to examine this proverb, and I have
performed research, but I have not yet created an entry.

[ref] 2016, Proverbium: Yearbook of International Proverb Scholarship,
Volume 33, The Dictionary of Modern Proverbs: A Supplement by Charles
Clay Doyle and Wolfgang Mieder, Start Page 85, Quote Page 96 and 97,
Published by The University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont. (Verified
on paper)[/ref]

[Begin excerpt - OCR errors may be present]
If you want to GO (travel) fast (fastest), go alone; if you want to go
far (farthest), go with others (company, companions, friends).

1917 Cyrus McCormick, "Men and Team Work," The Harvester World 8, no.
6 (Jun.) 1: "Kipling says, '...he travels fastest who travels alone.'
That may do for a race, but...ours is a different kind of work, and we
might rather say, '...he travels farthest who pulls with his team.'"
1926 Paul Popenoe, The Conversation of the Family (Baltimore: William
& Wilkins) 52: "A proverb has it that 'He travels fastest who travels
alone.' But he rarely travels farthest, he rarely gets so much
enjoyment from his travels as does one who has company." 1956 Allen
Raymond, "May Friends Go with You," The Rotarian 88, no. 3 (Mar.) 36:
"I know that Rudyard Kipling penned a good line.... 'He travels
fastest who travels alone.' I would like to advance a corollary to
that proposition. He travels farthest who travels with friends." 1973
John Brooks, The Expert (London: Tom Stacey) 197: '"He travels fastest
who travels alone, as George Washington said.' 'But he travels
farthest who has a companion.'"
[End except]

Back in February 2016 JL asked about:
'If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.'"

Here are some links into the archive.

Here is a link to Barry Popik's pertinent webpage.


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> "There's a saying in the Justice Department: 'You can go fast alone or far
> together.'"
> GB: 2012.
> I've heard this once before, but can't say just when. Certainly within the
> past ten years or so.
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