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W Brewer brewerwa at GMAIL.COM
Fri Aug 31 01:58:54 EDT 2018

abolishment instead of abolition
LH:  << How about “emancipation”? >>
WB:  Well, I say, "How about <abolishment>. It strikes me as odd when
Democrats now call for the <abolishment> of ICE. (Oh, I see. you say
<emancipation> (~ Lincoln) and I think <abolition> (~ slavery). Great minds
mushing everything into a morpho-semantic blender. No wonder nobody knows
what this thread is about.)
     Anyway, <abolishment> is new to me; but actually (relatively) recently
resuscitated from half a millennium of lexical coma. (Sorta like Robert De
Niro & Robin Williams in Awakenings 1990). Let's call it: Lexical
Awakening. Never mind.

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