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Similarly, a publication from 1788 lists creps among a group of gambling games without mentioning Craps.

In 1787, the Belgian town of Spa debated banning gambling - they were on the verge of a day in which people would only go to Spa only for the water, after which they would have to auction off tables for "Biribi, Creps, Roulette &c" and an enormous stack of cards.

Mercure de France, Tome 134, January-June 1788 (reprint), Geneva, Slatkine Reprints, 1972, page 29, excerpt taken from Journal Politiques de Bruxelles, Turquis de Constantinople, November 19, 1787, pages 42-43.  HathiTrust.

"Crabs" and the rules of Hazard are discussed in Hoyle's Games Improved, London, J. Rivington, 1775, page 223.

[Excerpt] . . . if he throws two Aces or Trois-ace (commonly called Crabs) he loses his Stakes. [End Excerpt]

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An 1883 French-English dictionary says that "creps" is a "sort of game
at dice". The Dictionary does not appear to have an entry for "craps".

Book: Dictionnaire International Fran=C3=A7ais-Anglais
Page 237, Column 1
Publisher: Sampson Low and Company, London also Ch. Fouraut et Fils, Paris


[Begin excerpt =E2=80=93 check for errors]
CREPS, krayps, sm. sort of game at dice.
[End excerpt]


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