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Bunkmate | Definition of Bunkmate by Merriam-Webster
Definition of bunkmate. : a person occupying the same sleeping quarters as
oneself or as another especially in one of the armed services; especially :
such a person occupying the next bunk or bed.

This definition is a little different from my understanding of this term.
If the bunks are double-decked, then a bunkmate is the person who sleeps in
the other bunk above you or below you, as the case may be. If the bunks
aren't double-decked, then you have barracksmates, who may also be your
roommates, according to the configuration of the barracks. At one time, in
a six-degrees-of-separation situation, one of my roommates - the bunks in
the room were doubled-decked, but we weren't bunkmates -  was the son of
the commanding general of the 3rd Armored "Spearhead" Division, in which
Elvis served when he was guarding America's freedom.

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> Astoundingly absent from OED.
> 1852 in GB: About two o'clock in the morning, his bunkmate was aroused by
> his kicking and striking the air with great violence.
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